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Sock brands from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

To everyone’s delight, there have been no rules for a long time when it comes to the pattern of socks. Socks are one of the real stars of clothing, and the best thing about them is that everyone can definitely find something they like from the wide selection. Crazy patterns brighten the gray everyday life, but we can also convey a message with our socks using an inscription. The range of possibilities is endless, so there are many sock brands in Eastern Europe that are worth paying attention to because they design better and better pieces for sock fans with crazy creativity. Let’s see them!

Takapara | Poland

Polish Takapara is a true admirer of shapes and colors! Their inspiration is from the fields of art and architecture, but vibrant geometric shapes are also recurring elements at them.

Griffon Socks | Ukraine

Griffon Socks aims to produce aesthetic socks that are also high quality. They are not known for their gloomy socks either, all the more so for their unique brand identity. Their nostalgic product photos immediately show what they represent, it is worth looking among them.

HYPERsocks | Croatia

The brand’s MIX&MATCH collection features five socks, the patterns of which came to life from drawings by members of the Down Syndrome Association in Zagreb. The drawings are made by kids and adults, and the socks can be purchased in pieces in a unique way, so we can choose and pair them ourselves as we please.

Nebouxii | Hungary

Nebouxii makes sure that Hungary is not left without colorful socks! The socks feature organic forms: tangled shapes of jungles, cacti and colorful, exotic fruits. Here, too, is an option to mix and match the pieces as you like—this brand is definitely not angry about it!

Flashtones | Czech Republic 

The Czech Flashtones has invented an unusual sock packaging: the socks are placed in recycled cardboard boxes piece by piece so that their color is clearly visible. Those who can’t choose from vibrant colors can pick from surprise boxes that work just like the already well-known handkerchief packages—only in this case, we can find colorful socks instead of paper.

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