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Special museums in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

We usually imagine a visit to a museum as a time travel between many, many artifacts, but nowadays there are more and more unusual, interactive, unique themed exhibitions that are much more fun than you might think at first. In our selection today, we present museums in which a tour of the exhibits seems like a glimpse.

National Film Museum | Prague, Czech Republic

Inspired by New Wave films, the Czechs can boast of another cinematic feature: one of the most interactive and successful museums in Prague is the National Film Museum (NAFilm). The museum grew out of a university project and is now one of the key museums in Prague. The film museum is primarily an educational institution that perfectly complements motion picture culture and media school materials, but still provides entertainment for everyone regardless of their age.

Museum of Broken Relationships | Zagreb, Croatia

Bittersweet—this word best describes the Croatian Museum of Broken Relationships. Each of the museum’s objects is characterized by the preservation of a painful memory of an earlier relationship. The objects tell stories: there are funny, outrageous and even quite tragic love stories. The permanent exhibition is always growing, as the museum is constantly expecting new heartbreaking trinkets, so the charming collection is also changing all the time.

Neon Museum | Warsaw, Poland

The Neon Museum takes visitors back to the advertising world of the Eastern Bloc. The purpose of the Polish museum is to save and document the specific signs of socialism. Hundreds of rescued neon signs and electrographic design provide a truly extravagant sight.

Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK | Krakow, Poland

The two most important goals of MOCAK are to present the arts of the past decades in the interpretation of avant-garde and conceptual art, and to acquaint people with the relationship of contemporary art and reality. For the latter, workshops are held even for children who can try themselves in the mystical world of art.

Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art | Medzilaborce, Slovakia

What has Andy Warhol got to do with Slovakia? Certain material and written documents also confirm Warhol’s Rusyn origin, possibly he was the child of Slovak immigrants. The institution also showcases Warhol’s distinctive works, as well as works by other twentieth-century creators and contemporary artists. A real contemporary art citadel!

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