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Special pop-up stores | TOP 5

Unusual opening hours, exclusive programs and an overwhelming design: for a pop-up store, all three features are correct. Today, across Eastern Europe, we can find countless exciting examples of pop-up stores, originally conquering the USA, open for a limited time and colored with events. In our selection today, we collected our Eastern European favorites. 


Founded in 2009, the Mode:lina architectural studio dreamed up a rather unusual look for Lodovnia’s latest pop-up ice cream parlor. Poznań in Poland was more in 2017 with this special business. The designers reflected on the look of Lodovnia’s main product, mouth-watering ice cream and cornet, in the appearance of the centrally located shop in the courtyard of the Art Stations Gallery. Nearly a hundred pieces of snow-white plastic cornets have been placed on the exterior façade of the building, making the pop-up shop look stingingly whimsical and playful at the same time.

Photos: Patryk Lewiński

Vintage Stadl | Vienna

Our selection also includes a real gem, the Viennese Pop Up Shop by Vintage Stadl, which offers antiques and home furnishings. The shop at 5 Berggasse is not located at a busy junction unlike the others, but can be accessed from a romantic, ancient inner garden. From the secluded courtyard opens the impressive great hall, home to thousands of antiques.

Bookline | Budapest

The Budapest pop-up shop of the Bookline web store opened in 2018. The store, which also functions as a café and a delivery point for online orders, awaits customers as a bookstore that is constantly open. Together with the 81font studio, the company strived for simplicity and cost-effectiveness in creating the business.

Photos: 81font

Techfan.info* | Prague

The diverse Techfan.info * expanded its range in 2016, extending its commercial activities to the online space. Under the name Techfan.infoSTORE*, the brand has a number of stores around the world, most notably the pop-up shop running during the 2018 Designblok festival in Prague. The temporary store, located in a prominent place in the fair area, was designed by Czech designer Lucie Koldova. Its concept, which appeals entirely with glass, praises the country’s world-famous glass art.

Szigliget Castle Courtyard

The last place in our selection is a real jolly joker. A place that is home to many pop-up restaurants and shops. Szigliget Castle Courtyard is a real culinary citadel: the dishes of several Michelin-starred chefs, including Jenő Rácz, as well as the pop-up shops of Costes, Digo Pizza and Nudli, next to Lake Balaton.

Photos: Szigliget Castle Courtyard Facebook

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