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The romance of rural life is appealing to many of us: the alternation of clean air, closeness to nature and the similar, but somewhat different days evokes the atmosphere of a bygone age. What is a dream come true for us is a reality for others: the privilege of producers is not only the crop, but also a way of life that is lost in our world. Fortunately, we can come across examples that combine this serenity with today’s technologies.

Móriczfölde—Farm Story | Hungary

The Móriczfölde family farm has a history of more than thirty years, its main profile includes vegetables, mostly onions, peppers and green peas. Despite three decades of production, continuous improvement is not far from the farm: it is important in the course of work processes to operate long-term in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner and with the least possible ecological footprint.

Cozy Farm | Ukraine

The Cozy Farm is an idyllic micro-farm where all thirty goats are treated in the best possible way: they graze in the fresh air all day. The balance of the goats means a lot in terms of the quality of the products, thanks to which unparalleled quality yogurt, milk, cheese and kefir are made here. Cozy Farm is run by a family with several children who have been involved in ecotourism on the estate for some time now: anyone can go and see how such a farm works and try out how to milk a goat or live on a farm.

Tejbánya | Romania

In the Tejbányában (milk mine), the cow is not a tool, but a loyal companion. Tejbánya is the traditional dairy management of the Bányász family, surrounded by the individuality of the family. The primary product of the manufactory is quality, semi-hard matured cheese, which is never produced in excess of the required quantity, thus paying attention to sustainability and the health of the cows. Cheese tastings with wine consumption are common at the entrance, and the Kultúrcsűr hosts performances where the younger generation can learn about the village lifestyle. Anna Bányász, a member of the family, is studying photography at MOME, thanks to which you can see more and more beautiful shots of the everyday life of the farm on their social media interface.

Photos: designisso

Dream Farm | Slovakia

The Slovak Dream Farm pays special attention to biodynamic vegetable production. Their secret goal is to make agriculture attractive again to young people, as it is full of adventure and innovative opportunities. To do this, they come up with ideas such as their subscription project, in which they are constantly sending packages of vegetables for a certain amount of money to those who are interested, who can also get a glimpse into the life of the farm.

Tekeresvölgyi Family Dairy | Hungary

The Tekeresvölgyi Family Dairy has been making cheeses for a decade with the help of the family and fifty Hungarian Simmental cattle. One of their aims is to make people know the benefits of consuming quality food and to promote the importance of producers’ food. The most famous products of the manufactory are long-aged cheeses. Not only is milk processing taking place on the estate, but there are also various programs waiting for those interested, who can also use the suites of the estate.

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