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Special second-hand bookshops in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Forgotten stories, secret messages between the pages, valuable signatures: such books, full of mysticism, live in cellars, on the street, and more fortunately in second-hand bookshops, where they can find a new, loving owner. It is a sport of treasure hunters and lovers of the past, fortunately of whom there are many in Eastern Europe, so there are plenty of second-hand bookshops too. We are now presenting five special places!

Antikvariát Steiner | Slovakia

Founded in 1847, the Steiner second-hand bookshop really offers a little time travel through books and stories—a trip is well worth to Bratislava. The selection is quite colorful: you can choose from a multitude of fantasy novels, old rarities, photo and other fine art albums.

Shakespeare and Sons | Czech Republic

Shakespeare and Sons is home to new and used books in English and other languages in Prague: a real book heaven where everyone can find a volume they like. If you would like to just look instead of shopping, you also have the opportunity to read on the spot. 

Continis | Austria 

It is not uncommon for other antiques to appear on the shelves in addition to antique books, as those who hunt for real rarities are often lovers of other antiques as well. The Continis is a real treasure chest: the shop is a haven of old books, records, antique furniture.

Központi Antikvárium | Hungary

Hungary’s largest second-hand bookshop has been operating since 1891: anyone who is interested in old books or has been to a second-hand bookshop on Small Boulevard has surely seen its name. In addition to carefully selected old pieces, magazines, maps and posters, their collection also includes diplomas, prints, and valuable signed editions and albums.

Nublu | Serbia 

A hidden café, gallery and second-hand bookshop in one, where we can hunt for rare and old books. After selecting the books, you can also have a coffee in comfort, enjoying the special atmosphere that this little hideaway offers.

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