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Los Angeles-style sportswear, with a touch of Budapest—320DTLA

Mostly out of habit, but experience shows that we like to categorize our clothes according to different activities and stick to these routines. 320DTLA, on the other hand, doesn’t draw the line between sportswear and everyday wear, because, in addition to being perfectly suited for sport, the brand’s pieces are also ideal for comfort, functionality and aesthetics to wear for the rest of the day. The brand takes a different approach to wearing sportswear than what we are used to in Hungary or in the region: because sportswear can be trendy, and Rebeka Lefkovics brought this approach from Los Angeles to Budapest.

Rebeka, whose passion for fashion has been with her since childhood, founded 320DTLA in 2019 as a Budapest-based activewear brand that brings the LA-vibe, but mostly its philosophy to Hungary. The designer has always paid special attention to healthy lifestyle and sports, something that affects our mind and well-being, and that’s why she wanted to create a product line that not only makes physical activity fun, but also allows us to do other everyday activities in it.

“Sports have always been an important part of my life, for years I did competitive gymnastics and other acrobatic sports. To this day, I spend most of my free time doing Pilates and yoga, and for the last few months, I have also been playing tennis regularly. I completed my university studies in Los Angeles, where I realized that I would like to bring this feeling back home to Hungary,” tells Rebeka.

According to the designer, the right sportswear is so lightweight and comfortable, yet stylish, that it can accompany you throughout your day, from a morning workout to a lunch with a friend, or even be perfect for a meeting with the right accessories.

In Western countries, work-life balance is becoming increasingly important, with people spending more and more time on themselves, on sports, on leisure time in general, where the main focus is on comfort.

“What I’ve seen in the US and what’s becoming increasingly fashionable in the West is above all, comfort. It’s very important for people to feel fashionable in comfortable clothes that they can wear all day,” says Rebeka.

The 320DTLA pieces are special in many respects, first of all, because you can wear them not only for sports but also in the street, and also because of the materials: they work with extremely soft and stretchy fabrics and unique tailoring, resulting in iconic pieces such as the label’s jumpsuits that can function as a complete set.

Their flagship store in Szervita Square is home to all of the 320DTLA products, and Rebeka has also put a lot of effort into creating the atmosphere of the store.

“I wanted to fully capture the LA lifestyle in the design. I really want the store to be home to the products, where customers want to come in and spend time. So unlike traditional stores, we have a spacious fitting room and sofas,” shares the designer. 

Rebeka’s further goal with the brand is to promote and spread the word in Hungary about the healthy lifestyle, and for this reason, they organize Pilates and yoga events a few times a year, in places like the Balaton lakeside. The designer wants as many people as possible to get to know the brand, love the products and use them for activities outside of sports. Her other ambition is to introduce the 320DTLA not only in Hungary, but also in other European countries.

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