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Stories of Veszprém and Bakony-Balaton region come to life in the Hello Veszprém-Balaton magazine

Portraits, tour recommendations, hidden treasures, secrets from behind the scenes and the stories of the landscape: Hello Veszprém-Balaton, the official online magazine of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme invites you on a tour of the Veszprém-Bakony-Balaton region.

What are the legends of the witness hills of Balaton? Where to find unique antiques in the Balaton Uplands? What traditions did the ECC use when brewing their beer? What are the stories of the walls in downtown Veszprém and what makes a Bakony-style dish so special? Whether it’s about the secrets of VEB2023 ECC workshops, local history, gastronomy, culture, design or even ecological topics, Hello Veszprém-Balaton magazine offers a wide variety of regional program and venue recommendations, interviews, cultural and local historical curiosities on helloveb.hu.

The online magazine, compiled by the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme team, offers a wealth of interesting regional news and behind-the-scenes secrets about the VEB2023 ECC projects, its own and co-produced events and the municipalities that have joined the program. You can peek into the attics of the sites participating in the Pajta Program, find out how the ‘Kultháló’ (Cult Network) communities work, tour the most beautiful forests and ruins of Lake Balaton and Bakony, visit lesser known or justly famous sites, or learn about the local history of forgotten parts of Veszprém. With the themes of the VEB2023 ECC, which present the key programs, cultural attractions, local artists, community-building organizations and faces of more than 100 municipalities in the ECC region, and events related to the VEB2023 ECC, we can go behind the scenes and get closer to Veszprém and the Bakony-Balaton region.

Unique, region-related contents 

For example, if you want to learn about the history of the church ruins in Dörgicse or explore the Halom Hill, or the Berény vineyard on the south coast, which inspired Béla Hamvas, you can find tips and information in the ‘Kikapcsolódás’ (Recreation) section. You can also get to know the companies of the VEB2023 ECC series of theatre programs for unusual spaces, the co-organizers of ecological projects or the owners of the ‘Utcakép Fejlesztési Program’ (Street Scene Development Program) in Veszprém. In the ‘Történetek’ (Stories) section, you can read exciting interviews with people who have shaped the region and the VEB2023 ECC program, such as Andrej Tóth, owner of KUNSZT in Veszprém, Dezső Szabó, a visual artist who has been inspired by Lake Balaton on numerous occasions, Father Bernát Marton, Prior of the Cistercian Abbey in Zirc, or Réka Folly, one of the co-owners of the Folly Arboretum. The Gastronomy section tells the cultural history of Bakony-style dishes, the Balaton wine region, and the restaurant that was transformed from the villa of painter István Farkas in Szigliget.

All ECC events of the region in one platform

The good news is that, in addition to the recommendations and interviews on a wide range of topics, you will soon be able to browse the VEB2023 ECC events in Veszprém and the region in the detailed program guide section of helloveb.hu. Concerts, exhibitions, interactive performances, talks, festivals, theater and circus programs, children’s activities, creative workshops and details of our own and co-production events in the Veszprém-Bakony-Balaton region will be available with just a few clicks, all gathered in one platform.

Photos: Csaba Toroczkai, helloveb.hu

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