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Studio11 snuck a little art deco into the heart of the city

The Studio11 in Cluj-Napoca came up with a special yet everyday project: renovating an old house doesn’t sound like an exceptional job, but the end result is all the more perfect.

The architecture studio rethought an apartment in the city center that serves as an Airbnb accommodation, so it was important to develop a unique and modern design. The best choice for this is the art deco style, as it mixes classic and modern looks well. The result is a residential area with a non-conformist design with superbly created details of a combination of modern and elegant.

In terms of colors, it was important to use contrasting yet harmonious shades: the blend of salmon, dark green and gold gives a sense of a luxurious interior. Geometric shapes are clear features of art deco interior design.

The use of exotic objects and elements is also a feature of art deco, its origin can be linked to the boom in tourism at that time. The exoticism perfectly complements the refined components. An essential part of art deco is the truly timeless and extra accessory: marble, the use of which is both practical and luxurious. Minimal shapes, tenderness and functionality make this interior design style trendy to this day.

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