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These stylish holiday homes will immediately get you in the mood for a hike! | TOP 5

Although sometimes the warm spring rays peek out from behind the gray clouds, unfortunately, for the really good weather, it looks like we will have to wait a while. Nevertheless, on our days off, it is worth going out and taking small and large walks, after all, what could break us out of the rush of everyday life more than a forest trip in the fresh air? Fortunately, we do not have to give up longer hikes either, as stylish holiday homes await us in more and more beautiful places in the region! In our selection today, we present the second homes from Eastern Europe in a fabulous environment, which will instantly get you in the mood for a hike!

Másfél Építész Stúdió | Zánka, Hungary

On the northern shore of Lake Balaton, in Zánka, you will find these minimalist, A-frame, lightweight holiday homes. Originally built in direct harmony with nature, the apartment houses were renovated in 2019, and since then they have been operating under the name Zen Garden Resort. The walls and roof structure of small-sized buildings are covered from the outside with slate covering, thus emphasizing the uniform, geometric appearance.

studio PIKAPLUS | Kanji Dol, Slovenia

This cottage stands out from the long list of typical holiday homes in several ways: it offers both protection from the elements and a minimalist interior that gives the feeling of being outdoors. The award-winning project was designed with special attention to landscape conservation and to preserve the exceptional beauty of the forest glade.

NEW HOW architects | Nové Hamry, Czech Republic

This elegant-looking holiday home was built in one of the most beautiful mountain regions of the Czech Republic, the Ore Mountains. The cool grey aluminum-roofed holiday home is almost wedged between the spruce trees that rise towards the sky and harmonize with the shades of the granite and basalt rocks. The interior, made primarily of wood, has been designed with practicality and simplicity in mind.

Hohensinn Architektur | Bad Aussee, Austria

This weekend house in the city of Bad Aussee might remind us of a real glass palace. Thanks to the slopes of the terrain, the architects had no easy task in this case, but the house is perfectly suited to the geographical conditions. Thanks to the large glass surfaces and the glass barrier used in the interior, the space almost starts to flow, creating the impression that the residents themselves are sitting in nature.

Dom Architektów | Pokrzydowo, Poland

The huge panoramic windows of the wooden house, located in the immediate vicinity of the Brodnica Landscape Park, offer a magnificent view of the wild valley of the Drwęca River from all sides. The structure of the refined-looking cottage is provided by metal legs, which protect the structure from possible floods. The cottage, which is perfectly comfortable for two people, has a rectangular shape, which evokes the design of traditional Polish barns.

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