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Stylish-looking alcoholic beverages from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Most of us like to drink a glass of alcohol from time to time, be it a fine wine with dinner, an exotic cocktail in an elegant bar, or a glass of special champagne for a festive occasion. Choosing the right drink depends as much on our mood and taste as it does on the quality and alcohol content of the drinks. However, in our regional selection today, we took a closer look at the appearance of the bottles, as this is an important aspect when looking for a stylish alcoholic beverage!

Opera Gin | Budapest, Hungary

The Opera, the first gin of interest in Budapest, appeared on the market and is made in a manufactory with a bar and visitor center in the fourth district, with an impressive interior. Stylish in blue and gold, the label evokes Art Nouveau and Art Deco style and an atmosphere of the twenties.

Djurjdjic wine | Sremski Karlovci, Serbia

The Djurdjic brand, which has only been in operation since 2004, is relatively young in the market, so it was important for the bottles to have a unique, easily recognizable and memorable design. The simple, refined design lends a modern look to the elegant-looking bottles, while the different combinations of blue, red, green and gray want to convey moods and feelings that can be experienced by the tasters at the moment of drinking the wine.

Flinker Franz POYTONIC | Poysdorf, Austria

The combination of wine and tonic may seem a bit bizarre at first, but the Hauser winery has developed a homemade, handcrafted tonic that fits perfectly with the more sour tastes of wine. The drink was created specifically to crown the gatherings of friends in the post-quarantine period, so the pictures taken for the advertising campaign also want to reflect this good mood.

Metelka Liqueur | Vyškov, Czech Republic

The Metelka family has had a tradition of making liqueurs and various spirits since 1934, which has been maintained by growing generations ever since. For the beverage brand based on traditional values, it is especially important that although several types of products are sold, the packagings are still in line with each other, so they always work with the same graphic design studio when designing identities.

Browars craft beer | Limanowa, Poland

Browars in Limanowa has started its business as an enthusiastic home brewer, where since 2016 nearly 50 types of artisanal beer have been produced from the highest quality ingredients, based on their own recipes. Their drinks in fruity flavors have been given a unique look: in addition to the brand logo, apples, raspberries and lemons appear as the main motif on the cheerful label in neon colors on a black background.

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