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Stylish showrooms in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

It is important for all brands to address potential customers not only with their high-quality products and ingenious online campaigns, but also to make the purchasing process an experience in some way. One of the best ways to do this today is to design a stylish showroom, where visitors can view the latest products in a cozy and elegant space, that is completely different from the usual, monotonous shop environment. In today’s regional selection, we have collected the most special showrooms that fascinate everyone with their impressive interior design solutions.

SSAB Flagship Store | Bukarest, Romania

In SSAB’s brand new showroom, it’s all about attracting the attention of the senses. The main driver of the Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio project is to create harmony between the visitor and the objects, and for this purpose space capsules, a special exhibition space, meeting rooms and workspaces have been created. The different components and materials used in the implementation are all fine and restrained, so there is no point in the rooms that would determine the atmosphere of the store, keeping the overall picture unified.

Photos: Vlad Patru

Courage Store | Odessa, Ukraine

Experimenting with subdued, minimalistic shades and a refined design, Courage features a very exciting showroom that fits into their clothing collections, but still presents cheerful colors, designed by Angelina Malysheva. The most striking element of the unusual space is the metal and concrete table with a rough texture in the middle, the strict appearance of which is balanced by the pink cabinets and red armchairs.

Photos: Nikolay Bulavsky

Showroom Schüco | Bratislava, Slovakia

Nothing breaks the strong contrast between the house and the garden like a large, translucent glass window. However, Schüco, with its doors and windows of various styles, patterns and materials, would like to draw attention to the other functions of the windows, so Juraj Hubinský and the architects of Kuklica-Smerek Architekti have created a showroom for the company where the huge glass windows have a partitioning and decorative function.

Photos: Studio Flusser

pointONE Showroom | Budapest, Hungary

The innovative concept of Suto Interior Architects rethinks design showrooms from the ground up. The first reborn pointONE store is not only spacious, but also has movable walls, a gallery level, and a meeting room, creating a stylish meeting place that reminds customers of a club room.

Photos: Balázs Danyi

Centor Showroom | Warsaw, Poland

The offices of multinational companies are usually very modern, but they are a bit unfriendly. However, in the case of Centor, the manufacturer of doors and mosquito nets, there is a human-scale headquarters that operates as a multifunctional space: besides the rooms suitable for different events, the sunny, plant-filled and friendly showroom of the brand can be found here, which was dreamed up by the professional interior designers of the exexe studio.

Photos: Jakub Certowicz

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