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Success at SALT: “derelye” and “csöröge”, the Hungarian classic pastries among the best in the world

Anyone who follows the work of pastry chef Csenge Dusha knows that her cakes are always a subtle harmony of childhood memories and the flavors of nature created by using premium kitchen technologies. Csenge has long been enchanting guests with her dessert plates at SALT fine dining restaurant (as an example, her corn cream dessert with honey, goat milk foam, and plum jam has captivated many). Now she has finally drawn international attention too, together with kitchen manager, Szilárd Tóth.

In the latest issue of So Good… confectionery magazine, two of their desserts have been included among the world’s best: derelye and csöröge, two Hungarian sweet pastries with flavors of the Szatmár region, made of unique ingredients such as green currants, whey cheese, gooseberries or fermented pollen and goat milk. Although the shapes and the base of the dessert might remind us of the traditional recipes, the sophisticated compositions shed a whole new light on our well-known favorites.

The magazine features 25 of the scene’s most talented chefs and confectioners from around the world, it is, therefore, a source of great pride that the local knowledge and harmony of flavors have been introduced here.

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Photos: Fekete Antonio Designfood / Salt Restaurant Budapest

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