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Summer dream villa in Mallorca

The Polish Paradowski Studio sensitively selects its sources of inspiration: both contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship appear in their works harmoniously. Architectural and design elements from different eras are also echoed in their Majorcan villa interior design project. The minimalist style of the villa is matched by recurring natural materials—such as wooden furniture and an asymmetrical stone wall in the living room—which immediately evoke the atmosphere of an authentic Mediterranean holiday home.

The photo studio PION, also Polish, prefers to accept such commissions from hotels, resorts or creative studios. And the two studios (not for the first time) work together in very good harmony.

The summer atmosphere of the villa is enhanced by natural light, spacious spaces and white surfaces. PION Studio documented the villa with these features in mind, and the end result evokes an eternal, hot summer.

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PION Studio | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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