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Simplicity, airiness and closeness to nature: these are the main features of a summer house, which makes it possible to create a symbiosis with nature in such a way that it provides the greatest comfort. This is no different in last year’s totalstudio project: the Summer House next to the Slovak capital guarantees a light siesta with birdsong.

The name Summer House simultaneously refers to cottages, lightweight garden structures and the traditional building culture of the area.

The main inspiration comes from camping architecture, hence the tent character of the terrace. This resulted in the interconnection of three identical archetypes within a house: one apartment for the night, one for the day, and one in the garden.

The house is made of brick, in addition, the steel roof beams are covered with corrugated roofing sheets, and the steel structure of the porch is covered with corrugated polycarbonate. The shade is provided by reflective aluminum curtains, creating an airy atmosphere on the terrace.

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Source: ArchDaily

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