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Surfin’ the Baltic | Baltic Surf Scapes by Krysztof Jędrzejak

First a surfboard, then a camera – goes the recipe of Krysztof Jędrzejak with which he shoots breathtaking photos of the Baltic Sea. The nature photographer has been focusing on the waves of the Baltic Sea as a photographer and as a surfer alike. His closeness to water, achieved by his surfboard, lends his photos an intimate perspective, bringing viewers closer to the waves as well. He shared some shots with us from his recently published book, along with his memories tied to each photo.

This article was published in print in Hype&Hyper 2021/1.

It’s hard to read it from this photo, because it looks warm and even has a bit of Californian vibe, but it was taken in December, when the water temperature in the Baltic drops to very low values. I love surfing in the winter months. This is my favorite time at the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea. There are practically no people then, and the seaside landscape shows its different, more raw face.

Sunrise is definitely my favorite time of the day. I love it when the sun is still below the horizon and everything is slowly coming to life. It was one of the most beautiful mornings I have experienced in the Baltic Sea. Even though the water was cool, the May sun warmed our wetsuits and gave us much comfort.

I enjoy shooting water action as much as surfing itself. The energy I get from a surfer smashing the lip of a wave three meters from my lens is indescribable. Recently, my sessions have been linked and depending on the prevailing conditions, I first enter the water with the board, then with the camera.

The photo was taken in an absolutely magical place. This is an island that is a district of my city and is famous for amber mining. On the beach, you can meet surfers and seekers of the largest pieces of Baltic resin. When it comes to the atmosphere, it’s one of my favorite spots in Poland.

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