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Swedish architecture studio designs prototype town hall in Ukraine

Novi Sanzhary is the site of a prototype of an administrative service centre designed by Swedish architect Claesson Koivisto Rune. The European Union and Ukraine have jointly initiated a program to support decentralization in the country, and the architectural studio has offered to design the building pro bono, in addition to a nominal fee for preliminary studies.

The prototype town hall was intended to be introduced in the country before the Russian invasion. The plan was to build transparent buildings in nearly 400 locations, providing better access to services and a meeting point for local officials and citizens.

With the war in Ukraine, the progress of the project halts and the status of the prototype built is unknown. However, Rune Claesson Koivisto hopes that one day the project will be fully realized. By sharing the design, the Swedish architectural studio hopes to raise awareness of the role of architecture in supporting democracy and helping Ukraine to recover.

Source: Dezeen

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