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Swedish startup Stilride creates an electric scooter using origami folding

Dubbed internally as “industrial origami”, this techinque is used to create lightweight, yet durable structures. Swedish startup Stilride developed this special and innovative technology to build up electric scooters from recycled steel.

Coming from the worlds of fashion, industrial design and engineering, design duo Tue Beijer and Jonas Nyvang founded the company in 2019, with the aim of reforming the production of electric mobility products and creating cutting-edge steel structures using robotics and design.

The trademarked Stilfold industrial origami method was developed from the simple Japanese technique, and used to create the Sport Utility Scooter One—SUS1 for short. The SUS1 scooter is made from stainless steel plates folded over arches and has not only a cleaner aesthetic appearance, but also a more durable body than its conventional counterparts.

Photos: Forbes – Stilride
Source: Forbes

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