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Major Takashi Murakami exhibition opens at The Broad with digital immersive spaces

Takashi Murakami’s expansive artistic universe is currently on display at The Broad in Los Angeles. The exhibition Takashi Murakami: Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow is the Japanese contemporary artist’s first solo show at The Broad, featuring 18 of his previous works and a new immersive digital environment, thanks to a collaboration between the artist and his studio, Kaikai Kiki Co. Ltd. In these works, spanning sculptures, paintings, wallpapers and installations, Murakami explores themes such as globalisation, post-war Japan, pop culture and religious iconography.

Featuring the entirety of the artist’s works held by The Broad, and new augmented reality (AR) virtual environments, will allow museum visitors to experience the artist’s expansive artistic universe. For Takashi Murakami, “the explosive interest in the metaverse and in virtual and augmented realities (AR) constitutes a societal and cultural sea change.

Photo: Michelle Groskopf /Times

These AR features exist on top of and in relation to the physical world inside and outside of The Broad, including the East West Bank Plaza, the museum lobby, and one of the exhibition galleries. Through the Instagram app, Murakami characters step out of their physical forms and into a ghostly digital existence, harbingers of what is yet to come for Murakami’s work and thinking.

Source: designboom

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