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The 11th Grotesque Triennal has opened | International Grotesque Fine Arts and Applied Arts Exhibition in the Kunsthalle

The Kapos ART Fine Art and Industrial Art Association organizes the exhibition in connection with the International Grotesque Fine Arts and Applied Arts Competition for the 11th time. In Budapest, however, the exhibition is on display for the first time, which takes place in the Kunsthalle and then in the Vaszary Gallery in Kaposvár. The curator is András Vörös painter, president of Kapos Art. 

“… I find it necessary to state and make it clear that among the aesthetic qualities, the grotesque—as opposed to the sublime—is situated between the ugly and the comical terrain, and there is really nothing funny about it. It is rather a little alarming just like the productions of the ‘entertainment workers’ of the former regal and royal courts—the dwarves, the hunchbacks, the mentally disabled and other miserable people. According to the strict Milán Füst, it is therefore impossible to incorporate its toolkit into the lofty world of the so-called ‘grand art’. (…) 

The realism of the grotesque in art, of course, is also about whether the creator can face the devil, showing him their Protean image. We must therefore pay tribute to the people of this genre, who, like the ‘entertainment workers’ mentioned above, can cry and laugh at the same time. 

The creators of the Grotesque exhibit some peculiar duality—being two-faced in their works, and thus astound us.” (György Szemadám)

The exhibition can be visited in the Kunsthalle between 13 July and 28 August.

Source: Press Release

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