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The best jazz clubs | TOP 5

We previously wrote about some of the most beautiful classical music concert halls in Eastern Europe, and in our selection today, jazz will be the main role: we brought you five clubs where you can meet excellent jazz musicians in world-class quality.

Opus Jazz Club | Budapest, Hungary

Opened as part of the Budapest Music Center, which was renewed in 2013, the Opus Jazz Club is at the top of our list, listing not only exciting concerts but also world-class acoustic and aesthetic quality.

Photos: opusjazzclub.hu, Tamás Bujnovszky

Porgy & Bess | Vienna, Austria

The second on our list is Porgy & Bess, with a long history, which is still an iconic venue on the Viennese jazz scene to this day. The club, which lined up the greats of jazz, with its purple concert hall, provides the perfect atmosphere for a musical experience.

Photos: porgy.at

Budapest Jazz Club | Budapest, Hungary

The other central venue of Budapest jazz is undoubtedly the Budapest Jazz Club, where better and better Hungarian and international musicians have performed for decades.

Photos: HA-PHOTO.hu

ARGEkultur | Salzburg, Austria

The ARGEkultur in Salzburg has the largest number of seats and the largest concert hall on our list, where, in addition to jazz concerts, popular and world music productions, as well as theater and dance performances can take place.

Photos: argekultur.at

Reduta Jazz Club | Prague, Czech Republic

We close our selection today with the Reduta Jazz Club in Prague. One of the most iconic venues in Czech jazz, in addition to quality concerts, it is known that Bill Clinton once performed here a saxophone solo.

Photos: redutajazzclub.cz

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