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The best yoga studios in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

In the daily grind and in the midst of an all-day whirl, we often forget to relax—this is when yoga comes in: the perfect opportunity to breathe, release all the excess tension and enjoy the stretches and twists pleasantly moving your whole body. Whether it’s easy meditation or intense practice, in our selection today you will find all types of classes from the best studios in Eastern Europe.

Yoga Republic | Warsaw, Poland

The Yoga Republic in Warsaw welcomes those wishing to practice yoga with spacious, simple, yet cozy rooms in two locations near Plac Zbawiciela (Savior Square). There are many types of classes in the timetable, from complete beginner classes to stronger, advanced exercises. The most popular is ashtanga yoga, which is a stronger, more dynamic trend, while you can move your whole body by tuning in to your breathing during the flow classes.

We DU Yoga | Dubrovnik, Croatia

The founders of We DU Yoga believe that yoga belongs to everyone, regardless of age, gender and physical abilities. Their cozy studio is a truly sunny and quiet oasis in the heart of Dubrovnik. In addition to the popular hatha, vinyasa flow, and ashtanga classes, you might want to try dynamic dharma yoga, but you can also indulge in the long-lasting, passive asanas of yin yoga.

Mandala Jóga | Debrecen, Hungary

The Mandala educators believe that yoga is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and others. The countryside locations of the popular Mandala, which has several studios in Budapest, are also worth a try. The studio in Debrecen welcomes everyone in the heart of the city center with spacious, sunny rooms and a jungle-style foyer. For beginners, it can be ideal to try stress-relieving or spinal yoga, while for advanced, it can be an exciting challenge to practice dynamic flow or ashtanga yoga.

Hotpod Yoga | Bucharest, Romania

If you are looking for an even more intense type of class that combines the health-preserving effects of yoga with the effectiveness of strengthening exercises, it is worth trying hot yoga, where you can meet the flow experience in a heated, steamy room while practicing. The inflatable capsules of Hotpod Yoga in Bucharest offer a truly special atmosphere: thirty-seven degrees, small group lessons, soothing purple colors, the scent of bergamot, orange and lavender, and rhythmic relaxing music help to turn the mind off.

Yoga Movement | Prague, Czech Republic

The founder of the Yoga Movement, Adéla Porubská, dreamed up a studio in the Czech capital where anyone can escape the everyday nine-to-five, enjoying all the benefits of yoga. Whether it’s morning exercise, intense vinyasa-based classes, or restorative yoga, you can definitely find the right class for your current condition and mood.

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