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Hello Wood’s Cabin was awarded by the German Design Council

The Hello Wood studio’s iconic cabin house triumphed at the ICONIC Awards, organized by the German Design Council, and was named one of the worlds most innovative buildings.

The recent recognition of the WorkStation cabin highlights the importance of an architectural approach that doesn’t prioritize the generosity of space but values the complex experience of space created in a limited footprint, the practicality of living space and the sustainability of a building.

When designing the WorkStation, Hello Wood aimed to create a space that, despite its size, offers an optimal sense of space and, thanks to its well-thought-out complexity, can accommodate a wide range of functions and the individual ideas of the client.

The sound- and heat-insulated walls of the cabin conceal 8 square meters of space, which can be used as an extra “room” or as a separate mini-home. Thanks to its flat-assembled structure, it can be quickly and easily set up at the end of a garden, on a vacant lot, on a waterfront or in the courtyard of an office building.

The WorkStations can also be used as accommodation—the cabins built in the summer at Tállya function as fully-fledged “apartment houses“ thanks to their individually designed, practical furnishings. The list of configurations doesn’t stop there, Hello Wood is already designing a futuristic CyberStation with a metallic finish and a SaunaStation, which as its name suggests, is designed as a garden, designer sauna.

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