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The cleanest mineral waters in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

One of the essential components of life is water: since it is an integral part of us, it does matter what quality we quench our thirst with. In our selection today, we have chosen five water brands that will deliver the eternal elixir to our tables from crystal clear and untouched springs.

Aqua Carpatica | Romania

Aqua Carpatica from the untouched springs of the Carpathians presents us with a balanced taste and crystal purity. The impeccable quality is also well illustrated by the fact that the water has also won this year’s Superior Taste Award.

383 | Hungary

The excellent taste of 383 Kopjary Water has been gained through thousands of years of purification, and its modern design has been inspired by timeless ergonomics.

Photos: @thekopjarywater (facebook)

Hallstein | Austria

The springs of the Austrian Alps have basically guaranteed purity, but the dreamers of the Hallstein water brand have gone even further: searching for the perfect spring near Hallstatt, known for its salt mines and picturesque landscapes, they found a hitherto completely untouched artesian spring, where every drop is elixir.

Cana Royal | Slovenia

One of Slovenia’s cleanest springs has been rediscovered by the dedicated team of Cana Royal, whose water has since reached more and more tables, making everyday life healthier.

Jamnica | Croatia

If you love refreshingly carbonated mineral waters, you won’t miss this feeling with Jamnica. In addition to being rich in important minerals, it is a perfect thirst quencher with its characterful effervescence.

Aqua Carpatica | Web | Facebook | Instagram
383 | Web | Facebook | Instagram
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Cana Royal | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Jamnica | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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