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The community is important as together, everything is better!—Here’s Westend’s creative competition again

After last year’s success, a creative logo design competition for the Westend Shopping Center will be launched in October 2021 with a new theme. This year’s theme focuses on communities—they’re looking for creative ideas to fill the shopping center logo with creative content. An exhibition of the best works will be held in Westend’s public spaces, and you can see them on handouts too. We also asked Westend’s marketing director Orsolya Kovács about the open call and its details.

Westend Shopping Center celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2019, with a renewed brand identity based on plans by the Avalanche Creative Agency. As part of the new visual solutions, the team dreamed up a dynamic container logo that provides the mall with plenty of opportunities both graphically and from a communication aspect. “This freedom gave us the idea to involve our visitors in the design as well: keeping the W form we use, their task was to imagine what the Westend logo might look like on a particular theme,” said Orsolya Kovács, Westend’s marketing director. “We also strive to support and incorporate as many forms of the arts into our campaigns as possible. I have a great desire to turn the Váci Street side in front of Westend into an art promenade in the long run,”—she added.

The creative logo design competition was first announced last year, and its success made it clear that there was a real need for this project. “We received almost three hundred really high-quality works, it was a very difficult choice and we hope it won’t be any different this year,”—the marketing director highlighted.

The theme of this year’s call reflects on the current situation and draws inspiration from our everyday lives as well as our impressions. Thus, the call encourages self-taught or professional graphic designers and creators to fill the “W” form in the Westend logo with creative content based on a community theme. “When it comes to the coronavirus, I think everyone has experienced the importance of encounters, community, and time spent together. Westend can be considered a community in many ways, as well as giving way to it. Visitors and people working here form a community, but we can also define smaller groups based on interests or other factors,” Orsolya Kovács explained.

She then added that Westend is working to promote social relationships and experiences through several campaigns. In addition to the logo design competition, the Workplace coworking office and a community gym were opened this year, and the Westend Roof Garden, positioned as the new community space of Budapest, will host various programs throughout the summer and winter seasons. “I think every visitor or resident or employee in the area has a social experience with Westend, and we are now waiting for the applicants to present them,” the marketing director emphasized.

Like last year, this year’s entries will be judged on the thoughtfulness and uniqueness behind the work. The members of the jury include experts such as Eszter Csillag, head of Q Contemporary, media designer Balázs Balogh and Balázs Csizik, artist and graphic designer.

The Westend creative competition is open until midnight, November 7. Further details of the call can be found on the shopping center’s website.

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