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The cool joint capsule collection by Telep and 235 is here!

Having at least a decade of friendship nurtured between them, the cultic Telep and the 235, experienced in film and visual content, have now embarked on a joint project: a capsule collection paying tribute to the greatness of Madách Square.

Madách is inescapable. Madách is a concept.
This is well known by the iconic spot of the square, Telep, operating as a restaurant and gallery, and by 235, experienced in film and visual content production. The two key players of the neighborhood have been good friends for at least a decade and felt it was time to combine their talents as “good neighbors”. Thus was born the capsule collection that pays tribute to the greatness of Madách Square in a suitably contemporary way.

“If you want a better neighborhood, be a better neighbor”—is the motto of the capsule collection, where inside jokes, punchy texts and relevant visual world meet. The Madách essence is reinforced by the graphics created by 235 and the unique series of analog photographs dreamed up for it—the images feature well-known photographers, directors, street art and tattoo artists, DJs, producers, graphic designers who are themselves emblematic actors of the creative ecosystem of Madách Square.

Each piece in the collection is exceptional: for example, there are T-shirts and sweaters that pay homage to the “parking boys” of Madách Square, but there are also pieces that refer to the creative community, the late-night conversations in the Telep Gallery or the various art projects and characters that turn up around the 235 film productions.

On the evening of 16 December, the release party, held together with an exhibition opening, will feature analog photos by Gábor Garai, Péter Juhász and Miki357.

More details are on the event’s Facebook page.

Source: Press Release

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