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The coziest wine bars in the region | TOP 5

Our home, the region of Central and Eastern Europe, is undoubtedly abundant in wineries with a long history. Although we often consume the juice packaged in elegant bottles at home, it is still worth going out and visiting a special wine bar where, besides a wide selection of high-quality drinks, an intimate environment and a pleasant atmosphere await those who want to relax! In today’s selection, we have collected our favorites from the most popular wine bars in the surrounding countries!

N28 Wine and Kitchen | Budapest, Hungary

There is no better evening program than to watch a theater performance and then turn to a delicious glass of wine on Nagymező Street, nicknamed “Pest Broadway”. With affordable prices and the best wines from the best Hungarian wineries, N28 Wine and Kitchen awaits lovers of grape-based drinks in Budapest’s main theatre street. Besides enjoying the drinks on spot, it is also worth taking a look at the shelves bursting with bottles, from where we can take home the wine specialties that we like the most at a favorable price!

Photos: Gábor Szabó—welovebudapest.com

Wine Bar Dvojka | Prague, Czech Republic

Contemporary, modern artistic, punk and vintage all at once—this is the Dvojka wine bar in Prague! Featuring spaces floating in the light, the catering unit is almost unmistakable, because each element in the interior is painted white. Although the view of the old workbenches and wooden furniture has an industrial effect at first sight, thanks to the bright shade, the place remains very friendly and intimate.

BARaWINO | Krakow, Poland

The well-known Polish actor Marek Kondrat is now also a sommelier and has opened his own restaurant, BARaWINO in Krakow, where he wants to eliminate once and for all the elitist and snobbish myths surrounding wine tasting. He believes that the enjoyment of the wine does not necessarily require expertise, so he also welcomes the amateur tasters to his bar, where he is happy to help them choose the most suitable wine.

House of Wine | Znojmo, Czech Republic

The city of Znojmo has a wonderful architectural heritage, and the House of Wine fits in with it in the most sophisticated way, not only as a simple bar but also as a special exhibition venue. The windows of the building, which commemorate the rich history of Moravian wine culture, overlook a 9th-century chapel and a Gothic church tower, bringing the intimate atmosphere of the narrow streets of the settlement closer to the visitors.

Dianei 4 | Bucharest, Romania

Dianei 4, also known as one of the most popular catering units in the Romanian capital, might be a little out of our list, as those who want to relax do not only come here to drink alcoholic beverages, but also enjoy eating or drinking coffee during the day. However, it is certain that the bar has the best and most varied wine selection in the area, so it is worth choosing this place if you want a delicious glass of red, white or rosé wine!

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