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The cycle of plastic | PLASTLO

Old refrigerators, discarded electronic products, sewing machine spools and cosmetic jars. We could rightly ask the question: what connects the objects listed above? Not only are they made of plastic one by one, but they are also difficult to recycle after losing their function. 

PLASTLO, based in Prague, wants to change that. The company is looking for a solution to the issue of the accumulation of plastic products that have become unusable. The answer they provide puts the material in question into a whole new perspective. By reusing waste, they not only create value, but also highlight the importance of the resources at our disposal.

Photo: Kamila Shíbalová

Innovation meets tradition in the brand’s first pieces launched: bedside tables and side tables are made entirely of plastic waste, while their legs are made by a Czech company that has been making metal furniture since 1908.

It is worth checking out the brand, because in the future they are preparing to expand the product range with more exciting and sustainable pieces.

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