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The doors of the nearly 100-year-old houses of Budapest will open again next weekend | Budapest100

On the second weekend of September, this year’s Budapest100 will showcase the houses built, completed, and handed over after the two World Wars— between 1921-1930 and 1945-1957—together with the communities who lived and worked there.

The list of the houses to visit is already available on the website of the event series. Besides the paper map, an app for iOS and Android will be available to help visitors find their way around the event, with information on the history and programs of the nearly forty houses on display. Opening on 10 September, the event at the Széchenyi Baths will await visitors with a range of exciting venues: a miniature railway, a paternoster, a fountain, a lego cellar, putti, studio apartments, workers’ colonies, a wrought iron gate, and a rooftop machine gun emplacement is also included in the offer. Visiting the houses, you will discover amazing stories of musicians, poets, actors, scientists, politicians, and of course, everyday people who lived and worked within the walls of the houses celebrating their centenary.

The Budapest100 is a free event organized by volunteers and local patriots with the help of the residents of the houses and representatives of the participating institutions. The series of events has become a successful civic celebration, a festival of communities and the city, a weekend that brings people, neighbors, and generations closer together. Houses keep the city’s spirit—it’s the residents who can pass on the stories, and the Budapest100 experience is always a good opportunity to do so and a guarantee of free, quality events.

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