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The eclectic atmosphere of flea markets in the online space

A flea market is a place of surprises and unexpected discoveries, a return to the nostalgic past with its strangeness and peculiarities. Probably this is why the success of flea markets is unbroken even today, as there is no more uplifting feeling than finding something interesting and unique among old trinkets, worn furniture, strange nips and dusty junks, which we then give new life to.

What happens when vendors, market crowds, and crumbling tables are replaced by a webshop and home delivery? The project of the Ukrainian Tubik Studio has translated the special and magical atmosphere of flea markets into the online space through bold and surprising collages and graphic design. According to them, the flea market, as a cultural hub of different ages, connects the incompatible, so the brand identity builds strongly on the eclectic atmosphere of the markets. The concept was based on an unexpected combination of different objects and contexts connected by a unity of colors red, blue and magenta.

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Source: Behance

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