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The eden on earth | Slovak Paradise National Park

Nothing proves Slovakia’s fantastic natural endowments better than the fact that dazzling national parks are hidden in many corners of the country. The youngest of the many treasures is the Slovak Paradise National Park, which hides many specialties.

The biblical reference is not accidental, as walking here makes one feel as if the wonders of nature have been selected: the breathtaking view of waterfalls, attractive limestone plateaus, gorges and caves welcomes besides the vibrant wildlife of the pine forests.

The most famous parts of the national park area are the narrow gorges and waterfalls, which can be approached with ladders and other aids while providing an unforgettable sight. Due to the diversity of the park, professional hikers and ordinary tourists will also find a suitable route here.

One of the most special parts of the Slovak Paradise National Park is the Dobšinská Ice Cave, which is considered to be the largest in the world and was even included in the UNESCO World Heritage list years ago.

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