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The emerald river of adventures | Soča Valley and River

Among the fairytale regions of Slovenia, today we present the Soča Valley and a wealth of adventures provided by the landscape. The Soča River, which flows through the valley, originates in the Julian Alps, in the Trenta Valley, and is a gem on the list of the most beautiful rivers in Europe with its magical, typically emerald green color. 

For those looking for adrenaline, the valley can be a particularly good excursion destination, as from spring to mid-autumn the river provides space for water sports, which are used with great love by tourists looking for adventure. Rafting people, kayakers and rubber rafts cover the crystal clear green water, which is so clear that it is also suitable for quenching thirst. 

Those who do not feel at home in water sports will not be left without relaxation either: one can also admire this beautiful landscape covered with gorges and waterfalls on great hiking trails.

Photos: Jošt Gantar, Soca Splash, Fabio Ferrari, Miha Rekar, Marko Balazic, Daniel J. Shwarz

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