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The first collection from YKRA KIDS is here!

YKRA KIDS has launched its first collection under the name FRIENDS OF TREES—The Reforestation Movement. It features the brand’s signature urban vibe combined with the organic shapes and visual world of illustrator Anna Kövecses. It is not only the design that makes the collection special, but also the important message it conveys.

The collection focuses on the global problem of deforestation affecting us all, and the brand is trying to raise awareness among children. YKRA aims to show how we can act, even individually, to prevent the loss of trees on our planet and to ensure that future generations tackle the issue with greater awareness. This is what YKRA KIDS is trying to promote with this collection.

We visited Transylvania a few years ago, where we were very shocked by the extent of the clear-felling and the impact it has on nature. We wanted to create a collection that would raise awareness of this issue, and we had also been planning to work with Panni for a long time. That’s how we came up with the idea to ask her to design a pattern that would approach the issue in a playful way and raise awareness among children, says Balázs Lakatos, founder of YKRA.

Undoubtedly, the most invaluable part of my job is when I can give back something more than just aesthetic beauty, by communicating a positive message, or through helping others. As an artist, I feel morally obliged to speak out for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to make their voices heard,Anna underlined in an interview on YKRA’s blog.

Each piece of the collection comes with a small packet of seeds and a planting guide, so customers can do their bit to increase the Earth’s tree stock and be part of a community reforestation movement. By using the hashtag #ykrafriendsoftrees, the brand encourages everyone, not just those wearing the collection, to share their own photo of their favorite tree or seedling to encourage others to plant a tree.

You can check the pieces of the collection on this link.

Photos: Ania Onopiuk

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