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The fusion of music and visual arts in ÜVEG.HÁZ

Every two weeks, the pop-up exhibition space of MOMkult, ÜVEG.HÁZ, presents the work of a new artist. The exhibitions are accompanied by free outdoor music programs.

2022.07.23. 19:00 Sirály sétány


Balázs Zságer has been a leading figure in the Hungarian electronic music scene for twenty years now as the leader of Žagar. His albums have received wide international recognition – his song Wings of Love has been played on several foreign radio stations and TV channels. He has been credited with numerous theatre and film scores. Coloboma is a Hungarian producer and performer who has been attracted to music from a very young age, and although he started writing music around 20 years ago, he released his first EP in 2021. In his live performances, he uses only synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and effects to bring his creations to life.

Visual arts

Judit Horváth Lóczi uses paintings and paper works as well as objects to convey the ideas that are currently on her mind. Abstraction, Suprematism, and Minimalism, the visual art forms of the 20th century, characterize Anikó Robitz’s photographs, which depict details of buildings. Walls, textures, shadows, electric wires, or even the sky, appear as autonomous elements in her pictures.

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