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The house from the Polish animated film was built in real life

Polish architect Bogusław Barnaś and his brother, the visualization artist Rafał, have created something unique on the borderline between architecture and animation: an award-winning animated short film from an architectural design, which has now been built in reality. The Polish Farmhouse is ready!

Bogusław Barnaś founded the BXB studio in 2009 after working for Foster + Partners, among others. 

The project, called the Polish Farmhouse, is the conversion of a historic farmhouse. According to Bogusław, it is not just a contemporary building, but a uniquely balanced space where an in-depth synthesis of local traditions, landscape and function takes place. He renovated the 100-year-old main building into a guest house and erected five outbuildings around it, creating an open complex. Barn no. 1 was built at the roadside entrance of the property and features a garage and a gym. The entrance opens from barn no. 2, which leads to the children’s zone in barn no. 3 and the main hall. Barn no. 4 houses the kitchen and two study rooms, and the largest barn, no. 5, includes a two-story living space and a bedroom. The peculiarity of the farmhouse is that it operates with several styles of wooden ornaments, which gives the whole farm a penetrating woody scent. Each is inspired by the ornate woodwork of the original buildings.

Photo: Piotr Krajewski

Even before its construction, the project attracted global attention in 2019, when Rafał Barnaś photographed a model of the project and made an animated short film out of it. Named ArchiPaper, the work is an aesthetic experiment in which Rafał tells an unusual story about architecture. Encouraged by the successes, Bogusław and Rafał are working on another project and another film.

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