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The Hungarian Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale

This year, the Hungarian Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale will feature an exhibition by Zsófia Keresztes, entitled After Dreams: I Dare to Defy the Damage. The exhibition seeks to explore the ambivalent relationship of past and present to the future and the stages of finding identity in four major units.

The artist’s theme, created with curator Mónika Zsikla, is a perfect reflection of the central exhibition of this year’s biennale, the theme of The Milk of Dreams, which focuses on the metamorphosis of bodies. The concept of the exhibition, similarly to one of the artist’s earlier expo, elaborates the hedgehog’s dilemma by Arthur Schopenhauer. The metaphor, used by the philosopher, and later by Freud and modern psychologists, presents the nature of intimacy. Humans, as social creatures, are unable to live alone, therefore they seek other humans to share thoughts, emotions and love with.

Photos: Dávid Biró, Éva Szombat

Source: Press release

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