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The iconic villa from ‘House of Gucci’ can be yours for a night

Two lucky guests can spend a night at the Balbiano villa, one of the locations of the film that debuted a few days ago, Airbnb reports.

In the film, Aldo Gucci, played by Al Pacino, lives in the villa Balbiano on the shores of Lake Como. Once owned by Italian Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, the 16th-century palazzo is now the largest and most impressive private residence in the area, with extravagant suites, trompe l’oeil frescoes and breathtaking gardens.

On 30 March 2022, two guests can stay in the villa for one night. The booking platform on Airbnb will open on 6 December at 6 PM local time (GMT+1).

Source: Airbnb

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