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The Jewish Museum Berlin opens a new playground, suitable for children and adults alike

The ANOHA Children’s World of the Jewish Museum Berlin was designed for both children and adults. The interactive space is located in the former flower market hall in the Kreuzberg district and its concept is inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark. Let us show you!

The installation reconstructing Noah’s Ark was designed by the American firm, Olson Kundig Architecture, and Design. The wooden structure is seven meters high and twenty-eight meters in diameter. The ANOHA is furthermore surrounded by 150 wooden sculptural animals creating thus a setting that children and adults can freely interpret.

“The most important consideration is to not design for children but to design for everyone. Research supports the idea that children have their most memorable museum experiences when shared with family and friends. As a designer, my goal is to get parents to put down their cell phones and play alongside their children. ANOHA is intended to be as interesting, engaging, and compelling to adults as to the very young, and to make play irresistible to all ages”–says Olson Kundig design principal Alan Maskin in his interview to the Wallpaper.

Alan Maskin’s philosophy is reflected in the design of the space, which combines play and functionality. Children get around by using slides, climbing frames, and workbenches. They can build their own boat and test it in a flood simulator, or make their own animals out of organic materials and learn about the composting process through interactive games. When using the playground, children are in full control: the different elements give them the power to choose freely, to take over control, and to have a sense of agency.

Source: Wallpaper

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