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The key to success is constant renewal, be it on stage or in the kitchen – An interview with Thomas Anders

Thomas Anders is known all over the world as a member of pop duo Modern Talking, and has been enjoying unwavering popularity since the 80s. Lovers of gastronomy also know that apart from making music, he also enjoys working in the kitchen, as well as sharing his recipes in his cookbooks. When he was in Budapest, he told us about the connection between music and cooking, his nicest experiences during his visit to the Hungarian capital, and about what it had been like to wield a wooden spoon in one of the country’s most well-known and best restaurants.

This is not your first time in Budapest, as you have held several successful concerts here. Are there any places where you like going back when you’re in the Hungarian capital? Have you had any memorable experiences that link you to this country?

I’ve been here many times before, so I could name numerous experiences, but one of the most memorable occurred at the end of the 90s, when we came to a Hungarian town with Modern Talking, and played to more than 250,000 people. It goes without saying that it was an amazing experience. There are many marvellous places and buildings in Budapest, so I love walking in the city, where I can always discover another fascinating new detail. Nevertheless, if I had to choose just one, I would say the Danube Bank is my favourite, as it offers a breath-taking view of the historic buildings.

photo: Gaál Dániel

You held concerts in 2018 and this year in Budapest, and audience interest was huge both times. What do you think is the secret to your unbridled success?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the recipe for that, unlike for my favourite meals. I’m just really glad that people have loved my music and my songs for decades. Maybe that’s the secret. I love what I do, and the audience feels that, so we’ve been able to cooperate for a very long time. In addition, continued renewal is also really important. I keep trying to rework my shows, and cover my own songs in new ways.

You started out cooking just as a hobby, and have now become a successful author of cookbooks. Apart from German specialities, you also like introducing Eastern European flavours. Do you have a favourite Hungarian dish? What dishes did you taste during your last visit?

I can give you a definitive answer: my favourite is Goulash. It’s has such a typically Hungarian taste, it’s delicious and filling, so I like eating it whenever I’m in the country.

photo: Gaál Dániel

You had the opportunity to cook with the chef of Stand25, one of Budapest’s most well-known and successful restaurants. What was it like to try your hand in their kitchen?

It was a singular experience. On the one hand, I liked the end result, we made really delicious food. On the other hand, as the kitchen equipment was state-of-the-art, I had the opportunity to try a lot of new things. I’ll definitely come back to this place in the future.

The connection between music and cooking may be that both are about creation. How are these two connected in your life? What inspires you in each?

Singing is my passion, while cooking is a hobby, and I think that it’s true that each of them is a form of art. In music, my task is to arrange notes harmonically, while in cooking, I have to do the same with the ingredients and spices. When I’m at home and I have time, I love cooking for my family and friends, and it’s a distraction from my work.

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