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Our latest Hype poster celebrates the first year of Széllkapu!

Exactly one year ago, the last plants were planted in Budapest’s newest and most modern park, the Millenáris Széllkapu Park. Since then, the designers’ dream has come true, and the park has become a real recreation and meeting point in Buda.

The park, designed by TSPC Engineering, covers an area of almost 35,000 square meters and is divided into three sections. With the densely planted, lush forest, the wildflower meadow and the large lake at its center, the landscape architects have sought to bring a slice of Hungarian nature and wildlife into the bustling city. The noisy Margit Boulevard and the nearby shopping center posed a challenge for the designers, but the 350-tonne steel structure of the suspended garden provides shelter for those relaxing in the park, as well as an unusual view of Budapest from its rooftop.

The park, built on the site of the old Ganz factory and the gigantic buildings of the former Ministry of Economy and Transport, acts as a wind tunnel to let fresh air flow from the Buda Hills through to the city center. Thus, not only the visitors to the park, but all the inhabitants of the city have been enriched with an unmistakable leisure and recreational space.

Our editorial team and the HypeandHyper team have multiple links to this new green space, and have been following not only its construction, but also its first year. To celebrate the anniversary, we have created a unique limited-edition poster, which you can find HERE in the Hype store:

Designer: László Bárdos

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