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The magical atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland is evoked by this eyewear store in Ljubljana

The magical atmosphere of the cartoon Alice in Wonderland inspired the interior of the newest store of Morela in Slovenia. The brand that makes sunglasses has been dealing with optician services since the early 2000s, and in 2019, they launched their first collection, the world-renowned designer Nika Zupanc was commissioned, who was also responsible for the interior design concept of their new store.

In addition to the unique decoration, the shop located in the Citypark shopping center in Ljubljana paid special attention to the design of sufficient storage space, so stylish dressers or shelves for displaying eyewear models are important elements of the design. At the end of the hall, floor-to-ceiling curtains hide the repair workshops and treatment rooms from prying eyes.

The main motifs of the unique-looking room are undoubtedly the drawers dressed in powder blue and with yellow handles—a measure of the store’s design details—which appear almost everywhere from the cash desk to the base of the freestanding counters. Although the extraordinary furniture is a truly stunning sight, the surreal atmosphere familiar from Alice in Wonderland is created by the white-colored lamps with their grandiose pleated shades and the bronze-framed mirrors, which tower above the cash register.

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