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The most beautiful pedestrian bridges | TOP 5

Bridges are part of our everyday lives, yet they are the result of tremendous architectural and engineering performance. In today’s selection, we cross five modern bridges in our imagination to see how many ways there are to solve the accessibility of pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Alfenz Bridge | Austria

Between the Austrian Alps is the pedestrian bridge designed by Marte.Marte Architekten, which is the most impressive bridge on our list with its futuristic design and use of weather-resistant raw concrete materials.

Photos: Marc Lins

Festina Lente Bridge | Bosnia and Herzegovina

In second place is the Sarajevo crossing with a similarly special design, designed by architects Adnan Alagić, Bojan Kanlić and Amila Hrustić. The rounded and dynamic shape of the bridge is spectacular, but contrasts harmoniously with the angular 20th-century buildings on the waterfront.

Photos: www.archdaily.com

Rafting Bridge | Slovenia

With its slim arches and refined shape, this pedestrian and bicycle crossing designed by Architektura d.o.o. fits nicely into the already beautiful landscape of Celje, Slovenia.

Photos: Miran Kambič

Pedestrian crossing in Vienna | Austria

In the city center of Vienna, you can only find space for new buildings in a really creative way, not to mention the bridges. The latter has been solved extremely elegantly by the SOLID Architecture team. The main element of the glass-panoramic crossing spanning between the two department stores was placed entirely by means of cranes, which in the case of such a busy city could only be achieved with very fast and precise work.

Photos: Günter Kresser

Pedestrian crossing in Příbor | Czech Republic

At the end of our list, we reach a pedestrian crossing in the small Czech town of Příbor. Designed by a trio of architects Jan Mourek, Marek Blank and Petr Tej, the bridge features the simplest possible design, thus not disturbing the view of the small town, while making it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to get faster from the old town to the city’s residential area.

Photos: BoysPlayNice

Marte.Marte Architects | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Adnan Alagić,Bojan Kanlić & Amila Hrustić | Web
Architektura d.o.o | Web | Facebook | Instagram
SOLID Architecture | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Jan Mourek, Marek Blank, Petr Tej | Web

Source: www.archdaily.com

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