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The most beautiful stadiums in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

In our selection today, we please sports fans and lovers of grandiose buildings with already existing and still under construction stadiums. The things they all have in common are fans, modernity and the aim to ensure the best possible match experience for teams.

PGE Narodowy | Warsaw, Poland

PGE Narodowy is currently the largest stadium in Poland. The capacity of the Warsaw giant is more than 58,000 people, and matches can be held in any weather conditions, as the huge roof structure can be opened above the auditorium in twenty minutes.

Photos: www.commons.wikimedia.org

Puskás Arena | Budapest, Hungary

The Puskás Arena has been a defining element of Hungarian football since the 20th century, so it is no wonder that with the large-scale renovation work carried out in the 2010s, the stadium was prepared for the 21st century to further serve the masses of visitors.

Photos: www.stadiumguide.com

Lublin Arena | Lublin, Poland

The other top Polish stadium of our selection is in Lublin. The special shape and exterior of the Lublin Arena make the sports venue immediately recognizable.

Photos: Bartosz Makowski

Raiffeisen Arena | Linz, Austria

The next member on our list is scheduled to open its doors to sports fans in 2022. The Raiffeisen Arena is being built for the future with every element, hosting matches and concerts with futuristic architectural solutions and state-of-the-art technology.

Photos: www.stadiumguide.com

Serbia National Stadium | Belgrade, Serbia

The most special member of our list came in fifth due to the relatively remote inauguration date. The Serbia National Stadium will open in 2024. The design plans speak for themselves, the concept opens up a new direction for the traditional function and architectural principles of stadiums.

Photos: www.stadiumguide.com

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