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The most special sports facilities in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

In the November grayness, we often find it hard to leave the warmth of our home and do some sports. However, with the arrival of the cold, we don’t have to give up regular workouts, as there are numerous, architecturally exceptional sports centers waiting all year round for those who want to relax. We show some of the best in the region!

V.30 Downtown Sports Center | Hungary

One of the capital’s newest and most impressive sports facilities opened its doors to the public in July. The facility, built with special, practical solutions and designed by the Kossuth Prize-winning architect György Skardelli, also has a thermal water wellness area, saunas, various ball fields, a fitness center, yoga studios and the second-highest climbing wall in Budapest.

Photos: Belváros—Lipótváros Municipality

Borky Sports Hall | Czech Republic

Situated on the banks of the Elbe in a picturesque setting, the small-scale sports hall dreamed up by the OV-architekti team of designers is bordered by a cycle path from several directions, providing quick access to the tennis center and athletic stadium in the neighboring Kolín.

Photos: BoysPlayNice

Heat Exchanger Važecká | Slovakia

Undoubtedly, one of the most special pieces of our selection is the cultural and sports complex from the heat exchanger in the residential area of Košice Nad Jazerom. The project, carried out under the European Capital of Culture program with the help of the Atrium Architekti, is the perfect example of how to renovate a previously disused building to make it an integral part of city life.

Photos: L’ubo Stacho

Multifunctional Sports Hall | Romania

The management of the city of Cluj-Napoca wanted to favor mainly young people with this modern, futuristic-looking leisure center, designed by the architects of the Dico si Tiganas studio. The two-layer, glass-box-like façade, whose rectangular exterior is inspired by the net pattern used in ball games, fills the vast space with light and life.

Photos: Alexandra Bendea, Cosmin Dragomir

Hardio Cycling Studio | Ukraine

Although the idea of a sports complex designed specifically for indoor cycling may seem a bit unusual at first, the founder of Hardio Studio in Kyiv wanted to create a place that was the perfect counterpoint to noisy, crowded and anxiety-building gyms. The design of the minimalist, serene interior was entrusted to the team of the balbek bureau architectural studio, who, meeting the expectations to the maximum, playing with a combination of gray and blue, created a complex with a truly sophisticated style.

Photos: Yevhenii Avramenko

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Source: ArchDaily, PestBuda

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