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The most stylish wine labels in the region TOP 5 | TOP 5

When choosing a good wine, the vintage, the variety of grapes or the reputation of the winery are all factors that can influence our decision. However, not everyone looks at the wine bottle packaging with enough care, even though, in addition to general information, some of them feature award-winning compositions. In our regional selection today, we present some of our favorite special wine labels.

Dubicz | Hungary

The long-established Dubicz winery decided in 2014 to renew its brand identity. And as part of that, the redesign of the labels went so well that the concept won the Red Dot Award, sometimes mentioned as the Design Oscar, in 2018. The minimalist colors and the abstract forms intend to evoke the topography, wildlife and calm atmosphere of the Mátra.

IAQUIN | Slovenia

Although IAQUIN is a relatively young brand, in 2013 they were awarded the best wine label in the region at the prestigious international gastronomic exhibition, Best of Alpe Adria—Restaurants, Wines and Food Exhibition. At the heart of the modern composition is the inscription, the black-blue-gold (red for some varieties) color scheme perfectly representing the new-wave direction that the winery proudly expresses.

Piquentum | Croatia

The Croatian winery Piquentum places great emphasis not only on the quality of the wines but also on the appearance of the bottles. At the REGPAK Gala in Zagreb in 2017, their natural wine, named St. Vital, won the award for best packaging. The special design was made in collaboration with meteorologists, the dents of different sizes as well as the gilded numbers indicate the amount of precipitation broken down into twelve months.

J’novák | Czech Republic

Nowadays, it is inconceivable for a brand to become successful without social media interfaces or its own website, however, if we search the internet for the Jakub Novák winery, which sells ten thousand bottles of wine a year, we will not find it. The young winemaker avoids sensation in all walks of life, but his natural wines are highly valued by the professionals. He also strives for simplicity, yet maximalism, in the style elements of the labels.

Weninger | Austria

The name of the Weninger winery may sound familiar to many, as in addition to Austria, you can also find their vineyards near Sopron. Preserving traditions is of paramount importance to the father-to-son winery, so they rarely change the principles that have been well-established in winemaking. However, they wanted to modernize the look of the labels, so in line with current trends, the detailed graphics were replaced by a refined design.

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