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The most unique tattoo artists in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Tattooing is one of the best known and most ancient forms of self-expression, and fortunately, it is now more and more accepted to wear patterns on our skin. As a result, tattoo studios are also springing up like mushrooms in larger cities, but finding really unique tattoo artists, who pay attention to details, is not that easy. If you’re thinking about a new tattoo, but you don’t know who to go to, you’re in the right place, as we showcase our five favorite tattoo artists in Eastern Europe. You will definitely not be disappointed in them!

Rit Kit Tattoo

Rita Zolotukina, of Ukrainian descent and currently living in Bali, draws inspiration from nature by using various leaves, flowers and branches as a stencil, applying the figures to the skin with amazing detail and realism. The end result is not only incredibly decorative, but also deceptively similar to fresh plants. With her tattoos, she wants to encourage people to take a closer look at nature, to see and fall in love with the imperfections in it.

Balázs Bercsényi

It would be difficult to describe Balázs’ really specific style: his works often mix the design of abstract, minimal, geometric style and detailed realism. His impressive works are mostly characterized by fine points and flawless lines, he always pays great attention to the smallest details. His artistic work is greatly influenced by ancient practices and rituals, spirituality, sacred geometry, occultism and sculpture.

Kudu Tattoo

The illustrative, linocut-like works of Marta Kudu, based in Warsaw, are strongly influenced by the design of Cubism, and she often uses the exciting effect of dotwork made up of points in her works. What makes her tattoos appealing is the way she mixes different textures and highlights the vibrant colors of her sketchy patterns with emphasized black surfaces. She often depicts natural motifs and animals, but femininity is also a recurring pattern in her tattoos.

David Sz

The peculiar design of the Slovak-born tattoo artist goes back to the roots of the traditional or old school style with accentuated black outlines, which he combines with bold colors. His themes are psychedelic, dreamlike, cosmic scenes, which he greatly highlights with large color surfaces and strong contrasts.

Patryk Chybowski

Although Patryk originally wanted to be an architect, he became acquainted with tattooing in high school, which has since turned into his profession. He currently lives in Warsaw and owns the Powidok tattoo studio. His style is mostly characterized by blackwork and dotwork, he likes to play with textures and contrasts, he uses black in a virtuoso way, which for him represents elegance and timelessness. All of this is accompanied by surreal, dream-like scenes, so his tattoos will be truly unique.

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