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Unbuilt gems of Frank Lloyd Wright come to life in 3D

More than half of the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most prominent American architects of the 20th century, were never built in real life, but now Angi offers a solution to fill this gap.

Some of the American architect’s houses have been brought to life using 3D design. Three unbuilt designs were selected to be realized, including Mrs. David Devin House (Chicago, 1896), Cottage Studio for Ayn Rand (Connecticut, 1946) and Lake Tahoe Lodge (Lake Tahoe, Kalifornia, 1923). During the 3D design process, the experts went through the architect’s archive sketches, plans and notes, while undertaking extensive research to compose a series of images that offer a tangible feel of what the buildings might have looked like, if they had been realized.

Source: Wallpaper

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