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The new Infinit wellness offers a transcendent experience | Studio Reaktor

The Czech architectural firm, Studio Reaktor has dreamed of a magical world for the design of the newly completed Infinit wellness—a fairytale design for forgetting everyday worries.

The wellness center was built in Senohraby, on the banks of the Sázava River, where detachment from reality is facilitated by the mere act of entering: the dark basement corridors of the neighboring hotel invite guests into a zigzag-like garden, reminiscent of a maze.

In addition to the natural lake, the garden features various types of saunas, cooling zones, and a relaxation room full of ferns and creepers. The rich vegetation emerges from the façade of the room designed for relaxation, so the interior can remain in harmony with the landscape surrounding the building.

It expresses a unified feeling that the outer walls of the saunas are covered with wooden slats that also define the theme of the interior design. The playfulness of the variously placed slats is enhanced with different scents, various temperatures and music in the interiors.

However, the most spectacular decoration appears in the ceremonial sauna, which is the site of common rituals. The supernatural experience is completed by a room used for cooling—in the form of a space covered with irregularly shaped tiles and glittering stones.

Photos: BoysPlayNice

Studio Reaktor | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Infinit wellness | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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