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Nike sports park in Serbia built from upcycled sneakers

Nike has created a recreational park from no less than 20,000 pieces of upcycled sneakers, in collaboration with London-based creative agency Accept & Proceed. The project, built in New Belgrade, is part of the “Move to Zero” movement, the sports giant’s commitment to zero carbon emissions and zero waste.

The location, Block 70 in New Belgrade, is known for its cult basketball roots: this is where the legendary national athletes of the sport practiced and grew up. The original structure and components of the park were completely refurbished from old sneakers donated by the local community and the park was renamed BLOK 70.

In addition to the pitch and the playground, A&P has also meticulously designed the bleacher benches and the outdoor training park. The striking color scheme and graphic details are intended to draw attention to the pressing issue of climate change. The renovation, celebrated with the city of Belgrade and distribution partner Sport Time Balkans, also aims to reinvigorate the local district and provide space for play and sport for children and adults alike.

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