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The playful interior of the First Steps Kindergarten in Warsaw | Mum Studio

Looking at the interior of the First Steps Kindergarten in Warsaw, designed by Mum Studio, it’s easy to get caught up in a feeling of childhood nostalgia. The space invites you to play—with the creation of a fairytale world, the children’s imagination and sensitivity to beauty also develop.

In the 400-square-meter area, four playrooms and study rooms have been set up, as well as four bathrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, cloakrooms, a kindergarten manager’s office and a room for meetings with parents. As for the interior design: the primary goal of the kindergarten owners was to help the children develop in a visually immersive and safe environment.

Marta Drzymała, the founder of Mum Studio, chose the motifs of nature as her main direction: on the walls, we meet the world of the jungle, a mysterious forest inhabited by animals, but also dolphins swimming in the sea and swallows flying in the clouds. The illustrations encourage children to learn independence, and the choice of colors—with soft, diffused light—helps to ensure a calm atmosphere.

Of course, the playing doesn’t stop outside of the kindergarten either. Next to the building, a garden with a playground has been set up, where the children take care of the vegetables and fruits they plant themselves—they even grow watermelons!

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