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The seven faces of a woman: the new PLIÉ spring collection unveiled

Started twenty years ago with a friendship at a children’s ballet class and is now known as the fashion brand of three successful women, PLIÉ surprised its followers with a new beginning in April: a revamped image, a retuned website and a collection celebrating the diversity of women’s roles, showing that it’s time to rethink our usual moves, and all it takes is a few fresh, unique spring garments.

PLIÉ was born in 2020, based on the idea of Dalma Závodszky and Zsófia Mihályfi. The brand grew out of a childhood friendship with Dalma, who graduated from MOME, dreaming up and putting clothes on paper. Zsófi has a degree in marketing and communications and worked in this field in the past, so she is responsible for the operational processes in the life of PLIÉ. Virág Bihari joined PLIÉ in 2021 and is helping the brand to grow as a business. Launched a few weeks before the outbreak of the epidemic, the brand was a pioneer in going online with sales, and in the first two years, thousands of garments were added to the wardrobes of Hungarian fashion fans.

“Our brand answers to an important need: to create sustainable, high quality, comfortable and yet extremely pretty pieces for customers who want to make a conscious decision and put their trust into a Hungarian designer piece,” said the founders.

The newly unveiled The seven faces of a woman collection was designed based on a survey carried out by the PLIÉ team. They asked women to count the number of roles they play in their everyday lives. The results were surprising: they found that, on average, women pursue happiness in seven roles and PLIÉ responds to these situations with their new pieces. The spring collection offers fresh solutions for those everyday and special occasions when you want to look confident in different outfits on the same day. Shirts with clean lines, comfortable t-shirt dresses, trousers for a unique but always comfortable look, or even the previous crowd-favorite jumpsuit help everyone find the right pieces for their role, personality and mood.

The new collection debuted at the St. Andrea Wine&Skybar. This time PLIÉ broke with the traditional catwalk solution and staged a live photoshoot. In the image, seven women showed how they live their days in PLIÉ outfits: the friendly meeting played out with dance moves brought to life not only the diversity of the clothes but also the exciting ebb and flow of women’s emotions.

You can buy The seven faces of a woman collection from the revamped PLIÉ webshop or at the team’s monthly pop-up fairs.

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